Richard LeParmentier Dies At The Age Of 66

Richard LeParmentier, the American actor who was known to fans as one of Darth Vader’s first ever victims in Star Wars, has passed away at the age of 66. The actor who was native to Pittsburgh, played Admiral Motti in Star Wars. He was the Death Star commander who lacked faith and Vader found this disturbing.


Richard LeParmentier moved to the United Kingdom in 1974 and starred in Superman II, Octopussy and Who Framed Roger Rabbit. He appeared a lot in British television roles and was also a talented screenwriter. He was an extremely gifted actor and director.

The actor lived in Bath, although he was visiting relatives when he died in Austin, Texas. He died suddenly on Tuesday morning whilst he was spending time with his children. The actor also appeared at many sci-fi conventions. The cause of death is currently unclear. It is very sad to lose such a remarkable actor and he will be sadly missed by many fans.

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