Ricky Martin Bids Miami Goodbye

ricky martin sells house

Ricky Martin seems to be saying goodbye to Miami. The Latin superstar has sold off his mansion at Miami Beach for US $ 10.6 million as said by multiple listing services. The house has been on the market for 5 years after he listed it for sale with a US $ 16.9 million price tag. In 2010, he reduced the asking price to US $ 12.5 million. However, Martin has still made a modest profit from the Mediterranean styled property that he bought for US $ 10 million in 2005.

Now that Ricky Martin is starring in Broadway play, “Evita”, he seems to want to relocate to the Big Apple. He also recently disposed of another Miami house at Golden Beach. His spokesman said that commuting from South Florida to New York to perform at the Marquis Theatre was no longer possible.

The play has attracted a lot of charitable organizations. Instead of donating used cars or clothes, an charity run by Damon Runyon is using ticket sales to raise funds.

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