Rihanna Introduces Her New 2013 Rogue Fragrance

Rihanna has already introduced three fragrances into the market and is ready to introduce another. The fragrance is called ‘Rogue’ and comes in two installments. The first is a woman’s scent and a man’s scent will follow shortly afterwards. It will also have a beautiful, new bottle. Everything about the new scent is perfectly designed and will stand out on the shelves. The scent is a delicious blend of lemon blossom, rose, plum, suede, vanilla, amber, patchouli and jasmine. It’s a flirty, young fragrance that is fun and flamboyant. Each of Rihanna’s scents have proved extremely popular and this new scent is bound to win fans too.


The visuals for Rihanna’s new fragrance were recently unveiled and they are very romantic. These visuals were photographed by Mario Sorrenti in black and white. Rihanna is seductively curled on a wooden chair with one strap of her black and white straps off her shoulder. The photo’s have been designed to speak volumes about this new scent called ‘Rogue’. Whilst there is a romantic side of the scent, it also has a more subtle effect. It is not over powering in any way and will be a wonderful gift for every woman or man. The fact that Rihanna is also targeting men will make this scent truly original.


Rihanna made the fragrance for every woman’s taste and the man’s scent will be enjoyed by men everywhere. Rihannna has realized that not only does she have female fans, she also has a lot of male fans. Every woman’s taste changes with their mood and this is what Rihanna has tried to reflect in her new perfume. She has tried to be subtle in glamour as too many celebrities go over the top. There is a genuine feeling about the whole campaign and the photo’s are truly delightful. ‘Rogue’ is an excellent name for both men and women.

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