Rihanna is a a bit daring in GQ’s Issue “Men Of The Year”

Rihanna celebrates Man of the Year on the latest issue of GQ Magazine and we must say she is more than daring in there!

As you can see she is wearing just one leather jacket and one accessory and no sign of lingerie.

The idea is something great and it makes you think on what men enjoy watching,and that’s definitely what this word ‘women’ suggests.

The battle for “Men Of The Year” is between Ben Affleck and Channing Tatum.Well is not really a battle because they are both winners!

Rihanna in GQ

A few parts of the interview for GQ Magazine are :

What kind of relationships Rihanna is interested ?

“I like to feel like a woman. I have to be in control in every other aspect of my life, so I feel like in a relationship, like I wanted to be able to take a step back and have somebody else take the lead.”

What she thinks about love ?

“Love makes you go places you probably wouldn’t ever go, had it not been for love. But I think everybody still has their limits.

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