Rihanna Puma Brand Ambassador Partnership Kicking off From January 2015

On December 16th, 2014, the 26 year old pop sensation Rihanna and Puma signed the contract making her the official global brand ambassador for Puma Women Training. From January 2015, Rihanna will also start working as Women’s Creative Director for the popular sports brand. The contracts is said to be spreading over several years.


Although all leading brands come up with their own trends, but the trend of getting a celebrity to lead their brand is common to all. The purpose to make the celebrity take part in research and design of the product the brand is making and come up with something that people love. Rihanna has gained the reputation for being a leading fashionista, athletic and sporty and face of a modern woman over the years and by joining hands with Puma, she wants to empower women, make them feel stronger with a touch of class.

Rihanna Puma Brand Ambassador Agreement was signed at the company head quarters in Germany and she looked very excited. Talking to the press, she said that she was unable to find another brand that could offer similar strength and individuality what Puma offered and she is was every excited to see what the partnership comes up with in the near future. She will be working with Puma to bring her own style into the popular sports shoes bands having liberty over design and aesthetics of the shoes.

The representatives of Puma were also excited to have her lead the brand over the world. They said that Rihanna had everything what Puma stood for, energy, strength and creativity. They were hopeful that people who love Rihanna and Puma would see both of them imbibe a new spirit in sports wear around the world. Adding to it, they commented that they were thrilled to see Rihanna inject her love for sports and style into new trends that Puma plans to introduce in coming years.

Puma is a leading sports brand since, working since 1924, and specializes in sportswear and athletic and casual footwear. Headquartered in Germany, it has distribution centers in more than 120 countries around the world. With this partnership, it plans to improve radically its sales and branding in direct competition to Nike and Adidas.

The primary purpose of Rihanna Puma Brand Ambassador Partnership is to introduce a new range of sportswear specifically focusing on women of all body shapes and sizes and make them a perfect wear for training sessions. She will also be campaigning around the world for the partnered brand along with other sports professionals and celebrities. The contract also includes brand activation activities focusing on getting consumer attention trough fitness training activities, opening retail outlets and of course advertising on social media.

The CEO of Puma, Bjørn Gulden commented that it was a fantastic step for Puma to sing Rihanna for the company and it was nothing less than a jackpot. While signing the agreement, Rihanna looked a perfect blend of style and sportiness that clearly exuded from her looks, clearly showing her positive intentions for the leading sports brand.

Photo credit : Rihanna/Facebook

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