Rihanna RiRi Fragrance Ad

When it comes to celebrities, it is expected that they will venture out and find businesses to invest in. Some celebrities flop, while others find success. One of the most successful of these is Rihanna as she continues to try new things. Fans of Rihanna will be excited to learn that she is unveiling another new product. The singer has not stayed bored as she continues to work in a number of different business avenues. The singer announced her newest product via Twitter and Instagram on Tuesday along with the product name and ad.


Rihanna does not seem to have enough on her plate at the moment so she has decided to release a new fragrance. The title of the fragrance is called RiRi which seems to be a play on the singer’s name. Rihanna is known for her many business ventures including a Grammy award winning singer, the face of Dior, creative director for Puma, and a sock designer. The singer continues to look for business opportunities and her newest venture in creating a new fragrance is just one of many. This is not her first time working with fragrances. In the past, she has released 7 different fragrances from 2010 to now. Her past fragrances include Reb’l Fleur, Nude, Rebelle, 777 Nude, Rogue, Rogue Man, and Rogue Love.

During the announcement of her new fragrance, Rihanna also posted the first glimpse of the Rihanna RiRi fragrance ad. Unlike her typical seductive and naughty images, this new ad shows off her lighter side. Rihanna is dressed in a poofy pink dress adorning the same pink color lipstick. She also wears pink gloves embellished with pearl bracelets on her wrists. She has long gold earrings on to add to her sophisticated look. Her hair is down and features large waves. Her makeup is light and natural with just a little color on her eyes, lips, and cheeks. The ad is totally different than what we would expect from the singer, but it is definitely a breat of fresh air.

Rihanna did not give details on when the fragrance would hit the store shelves, but she did mention it would be soon. To add to her busy schedule, Rihanna has also been working on her music. Just a day before, producer Mike Will Made-It released a clip of one of Rihanna’s newest songs that hasn’t even hit the airwaves yet. The clip was only 15 seconds of her song “Nothing’s Promised” and is sure to be a hit like many of her other songs. Fans of Rihanna have a lot to look forward to with her newest album and fragrance coming out soon.

Rihanna has always been a savvy business woman looking for ways to make more money and please her fans in the process. With such a busy schedule, one would think she would have a great team surrounding her to help her out. We can expect many more things to come from the singer over the next few years. She continues to build her brand and remains a powerhouse in the music and apparel industries.

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