Rihanna,no need to apologize!

Rihanna unapologetic cover for her album heats the world of music and so many people are worried that she must be ‘dead’ already. The claim is that she wants to impact the song in the album, Good Girl Gone Bad, but this is not being accepted by those she mentors. This cover reveals her half naked and has resulted to mixed responses.

Some are saying she is a shoe, while others think it fits her as she is said to be like a boy. So the big questions are whether the money and fame are to make her a cabbage in this industry. Her earlier covers have been provocative but this has brushed them all. Being top of female music industry, many people would like to have great respective images but with her it is way too below. She gives no thoughts about her appearance to the crowd.

The chain release of her albums is making her find different appearance. Some advice would be to make her fans miss her so as to get good impact without having to pose naked. Good work needs no faced images. In twitter posts, she asked her fans to guess what album she was preparing to unveil and the words on the topless picture could tell it all. Some of the inscription on the uncovered body included fearless, unapologetic and this could not take long before being guessed.

rihanna unapologetic cover

Trying to force the goddess into this world won’t work and she has to change this if at all she has to receive genuine fame.

Otherwise this public figure can be misunderstood for something totally different. People won’t be ashamed to associate her with cursed social life and if not corrected worse it still to be seen from those uprising stars like her.

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