Robert Downey Jr. Was Named Highest Paid Actor In Hollywood

Robert Downey Jr highest paid actor today was sleeping on his assistant’s sofa fifteen years ago, addicted to cocaine, alcohol and heroin. His screw ups were too extreme, even in Hollywood. Although he had an asking price of $2m it soon dropped to 75% and he was almost insurable. Nobody wanted to employ him, he was deemed as unemployable. His friends were very concerned about him and nicknamed him the ‘lovable tornado’. He was lost in the harsh reality of drug abuse and fame.

robert downey jr paid actor

Despite his past, Downey has made a come back today and is placed at the very top of Forbes magazine list as being one of the most well paid actors in Hollywood. Over the last year he has earned around $75m, most of this was from just one role. Downey played Tony Stark, the cocksure billionaire in the ‘Iron Man’ film. Although he is a star, he is also a fine character actor. The way he is able to jump into the skin of a character and nail it, every time is pure talent.

It’s Robert Downey Jr’s work as Stark that has earned him $2bn grossing in the Iron Man trilogy. It is not surprising that his character Stark has brought him fame. Downey has brought a strength to the character that nobody else would be able to do. Also the Avengers Assemble has added a further $1bn to his wages. Stark’s personality is the one thing that makes him stand out from all other super powers. He may have high-tech armor and rocket boosters, but his personality wins the day. Downey has so much to bring to this comic book hero that he makes Stark have a personality of his own. His superb performance makes the viewers believe in the character. It is amazing to think about the life that Robert Downey Jr used to lead and the life he lives today.

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