Robert Pattinson Seen Hanging Out With Sia Furler

Many people are wondering what’s going on with Robert Pattinson and Sia Furler. Robert Pattinson who appeared in the Twilight Saga’s bought drinks at ‘Soho House’ on Tuesday. Just two nights ago, the happy couple were enjoying the Jay Z and Justin Timberlake concert together. So there are bound to be rumors flying as the pair have appeared in public, twice in just one week. This begs the question, is love in the air for this pair?


According to sources, there is nothing going on with the two, other than friendship. Furthermore, Sia proclaims to be a lesbian and is very open about her sexuality. She is happy dating women, but in the past announced that she is flexible, dating men, women and anything in between.

Sia Furler who is a 37 year old singer was sat at a table in ‘Soho House’ with Robert Pattinson looking very close. They were laughing together and enjoying each other’s company. Is this as far as it goes? According to sources, Sia looked equally pally with the rest of the group they were with. Sia was dressed all in white and Rob was wearing a red flannel jacket and hat.

Nothing about the pair seemed to link to any romance, although Sia has said in the past that she is bisexual. Bisexual celebrities are a dime a dozen these days of course. On July 28th, Rob and Sia left ‘The Rose Bowl’ in Hollywood together to attend the Justin and Jay Z show. Sia looked like she was dating Rob that night and forgot to put a bra on, underneath her see-through dress. Sia’s breasts were on full display to Rob and the public.

Sia Furler is an Australian indie, rock singer and songwriter. There is ten years age difference between Sia and Rob. Rob and Sia look like they were simply relaxing together and enjoying a beer. Sorry folks, but no apparent romance there.

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