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Robert Thomas Pattinson (* 13. May 1986 in London, England) is a British actor, Model and a musician. Admits became it by its roles as Cedric Diggory in the filmings of the Harry of Potter novels and as Edward Cullen in the filming of the first book of the Twilight series (dt. titles: To (s) to the daybreak) of Stephenie Meyer.

Robert Pattinson was born 1986 in the Londoner quarter Barnes. In his childhood its mother Clare in a Modelagentur, its father Richard worked is a used-car dealer. It has two older sisters. Sister Lizzy Pattinson is a singer and Songschreiberin.

Pattinson began its play career at the age of 15 years, it worked in a theatre behind the scenes. As then the leading actor took over it got sick the role. Coincidentally an agent sat in the public. Therefore it followed the Barnes Theatre company in west London. In the television film the Nibelungen – the curse kites had it 2004 a Nebenrolle as Giselher. In the same year it played a small role in Mira Nairs literature filming Vanity Fair, the scenes however in the final version was cut out.

2005 he transferred the role of the Cedric Diggory to Harry Potter and the goblet of fire and became so a larger public admits. On-line version of the Times explained it thereupon to British the star OF Tomorrow (dt.: British star from tomorrow).

In October 2006 it played the leading role in the English television film The Haunted Airman.

On 11 December 2007 Pattinson became the official occupation of the male leading role Edward Cullen in the filming of the novel to (s) appointed the daybreak of Stephenie Meyer, which started on 21 November 2008 in the USA. Became besides two songs taken up by it; „Never Think “and „Let ME Sign “taken up to the film.

At the end of July 2009 Robert by the British expenditure of the magazine glamor to „the World’s Sexiest one “one selected. It still secured itself the first place before his play colleagues Johnny Depp and Hugh Jackman, which landed at the third place.

German synchronous speakers of Pattinson are Clemens Ostermann and Johannes Raspe.

2010 will participate Pattinson in a still anonymous theatre production of the producer David Pugh.

* 2004: The Nibelungen – the curse kite (ring OF the Nibelungs)
* 2004: Vanity Fair (in a cut out scene)
* 2005: Harry Potter and the goblet of fire
* 2006: The Haunted Airman
* 2007: The bath Mother’s Handbook
* 2008: How ton of fuel element
* 2008: The buzzer House
* 2008: Twilight – to (s) to the daybreak
* 2008: Little Ashes


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