Rosie Huntington finally has her makeup line out

After 2 years of getting everything right; Rosie Huntington-Whiteley makeup line is now here and will shake the beauty industry to its foundations. It is a 51-pieces collection that promises to change the way makeup is done because it is now from someone who has been through it all. The collection will be exclusively sold over Mark and Spencer who already have a global network so you will have the products wherever you are.


What’s in the package?

Named after her moniker, Rose-gold, the collection includes contour sticks and an array of cream blushes. They are tailored to give on-the-go allure that has become a thing for the modern times. With her solid credentials in beauty, you cannot expect anything flawed. It is all classy here and she will scale the world of beauty products since she has a name of looking exquisite and others would like to borrow a thing or two. And what a better way than to use a product she has put her ideas into?

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