What is better than a model’s career that rises from bare roots to the highest tier in the industry? She has seen been through M&S, Burberry, and Victoria’s Street to be where she is. Her name is Rosie Huntington. Her cover photo shoots are exclusive and you can bet she will be chased by even more prestigious companies if what you saw in the Glamour UK is the pace she will be keeping.


Rosie’s path to glory

She has her deep roots in Devon but that has been no inhibition to her rise to the top of Hollywood hills. She has the looks but that is not the only armour in her model cabinet. She has been determined and here you can say she deserves to be Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Glamour UK that is the latest addition to her accolades. You would say that she has worked for every success that comes her way. Glamour and pomp is her thing and her latest photos will attest to such praise.

Photo credit : UK Glamour

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