Rosie Huntington-Whiteley in Vogue Thailand is out and you should be on your heels to have a glimpse of her. Yes, she’s done various covers but in this one she is exceptionally gorgeous. Whoever thought that age would take toll on her beauty then this is an adequate statement that even at 29 she can be at her A-game.


On the cover she is in a purple gown expertly selected from Gucci and patched up with handpicked floral additions. The now deservedly top Briton stunner is in a sitting position but the photographer, Russell James, does his best to bring out her elegance. A peep at the inside of the magazine continues to show her dazzling beauty as she interchanges her outfits from top lines.

Well, you may be disappointed that her face seems to be a Photoshop. With the beauty that sits on Rosie, this was an unnecessary step. Nevertheless, she is at her best and you can only predict a brighter future for her.

Photo credit : Vogue

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