Russell Brand does Details Magazine April 2011

Russell Brand

Russell Brand talks in Details Magazine about his latest Arthur movie.

On his tabloid-fueled rocker-sex-god persona:  “Well, it seems obvious that to turn myself into a character‹incredibly theatrical and rock-and-roll and languid and sexualized‹was to emphasize areas where I was confident, to draw the eye from the obvious deficit of a man only just getting over being a junkie.  I’m very confident in the physical manifestation of a rocker.  And there are aphorisms I still deem tight: the carnal self is the true self. In that barbaric, marauding period of promiscuity, there was a type of Aleister Crowley ŒDo what thou wilt as the sum of the law.  That voice you use when you come?  I was using it to perform.  Not some distant, attic-dwelling emotion brought out occasionally, like a front room you never use except when the vicar visits.  I was in there fucking all the time.”

On coping with addiction: “The only way to cope is with a program.  If you stop doing recovery, even eating too much chocolate, something will flare up, and I know where that leads, because I’ve been there before.  To me, gravity is heroin, and then death.”

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