Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively Married at Private Wedding

After a short year of dating, the adorable couple Blake Lively and Ryan Reynolds have officially exchanged vows at an intimate, private wedding Sunday night at Boone Hall Mt. Pleasant, South Carolina which just so happens to be the location where “The Notebook” was filmed. Unlike many celebrity couples, Lively and Reynolds have managed to keep the details of their love life out of the public eyes which makes the news even more exciting. While the pair has barely been together for a year before their secret marriage, they do appear happy and ready to get their lives started together even with much criticism that they’ve jumped into marriage too soon.

Blake Lively first started her acting career in 1998 in the movie “Sandman” where she played the role of Trixie and continued on in 2005 to star in many other movies and television series including “Gossip Girl” which is just about to end after six spectacular seasons. Lively was born into a family full of talent in the entertainment industry with both her mother and father acting which was passed down to all five of their children including Blake. Lively’s dating life has been very active since she started dating Kelly Blatz back in 2004. She stayed with him for three years and later that year in 2007, she moved on to Penn Badgley who she also dated for three years. She had a brief five month romance with Leonardo DiCaprio and began dating her husband, Ryan Reynolds shortly after. This is Blake’s first marriage at the young age of 25 years old.

blake lively ryan married

Ryan Reynolds, the 35 year old Canadian born actor first appeared in the entertainment industry in 1990 in the television series “Fifteen” which was broadcasted on Nickelodeon. Reynolds had tied the knot with the beautiful Scarlett Johansson for a short two years and like the newly married couple, Johansson and Reynolds also chose to marry after only a year of dating which is believed to have been a huge mistake that could see a similar tragedy in the near future for Ryan and Blake. Like many other celebrity couples, the busy schedules and extreme distances apart just don’t make the heart grow fonder which caused their split.

It’s uncertain whether or not Blake and Ryan will be on the same path as many other celebrities but the fact that they jumped into the marriage so quickly isn’t a good sign. The couple is happy, excited for the future and on top of it all they look amazing together and like any average person, we always wish the best to newlyweds even if we don’t agree with their choices. Without much dating or engagement time, tying the knot may or may not tear them apart in the end but the important thing is to live your life without regrets and that’s exactly what they’re doing.

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