Ryan Reynolds Takes His Shirt off Mid Flight

Ryan Reynolds strips down on plane after a passenger near him vomited on his dress. Ryan was travelling on a flight from New York City along with his wife, Blake Lively to New Orleans when this incident occurred. A passenger who was seated nearby had a gross incident, which made Reynolds to remove his shirt in the middle of the plane journey.

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The couple were on their way for the new flick of Reynolds, Selfless. They were on a Delta flight when the woman who sat in the front row of Ryan was heavily drunk and puked towards her window. This caused it to fly backwards where Reynolds was sitting and soiled his sweater. An insider in the flight added that a young lady who was in 1 D which was a front row before Ryan’s seat vomited towards her window when the flight was travelling about two thirds of the way. The vomit then spewed back on the beige colored Cashmere sweater of Ryan. It was clear that the lady had too much drink which made her become sick. This in turn made the star of Green Lantern remove his sweater in the plane and wore a fresh shirt. It is sure that the fans on the plane were delighted to have a look at the hot body of the hunky star while he changed his dress.

However, as soon as the incident was over, Ryan played very cool as well as acted as if nothing has happened, the source added. Though the incident was quiet and all tried to act normal as well, the smell was just unbearable. Hope that the flight passengers who were near Reynolds did not mind the rancid vomit smell as they had the immense entertainment of watching the actor’s hot body when he took off his shirt.

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