Sarah Jessica Parker Releases Her New Fashion Line

‘Sex and the City’ star, Sarah Jessica Parker gets a fashion Line. Carrie Bradshaw is a funny character in the hit show played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Carrie Bradshaw is obsessed with Manolo and it is 15 years since Sarah Jessica Parker first made her debut in the show. Now she is taking a different turn of career as she releases her new shoe, handbag and coat line.

Craig Barritt / Getty Images
Craig Barritt / Getty Images

People can expect a lot from the new collection and a number of surprises, too. George Malkemus who is CEO at Manolo Blahnik, has partnered with Sarah Jessica Parker for the release of SJP. SJP is the name of the new collection which will include footwear, bags and coats. The line will be available for shoppers early next year and will be affordable and accessible to everyone.

The collection will feature clothes that retail between $130 and $300. Designers took their inspiration from old school label designs concentrating on a simple, but elegant mood. For style-watchers everywhere, they will find treats in this adorable fashion line.

Sarah Jessica Parker is set to step out in fashion as she adorns a beautiful pair of shoes from the new collection. It is a bit disappointing that we will have to wait all the way to 2014 to be able to buy any clothing from the new collection. However, it’s a good time to start saving up so that you can afford some of the new and very fashionable items, that include trench coats and designer handbags. The clothing line will be available exclusively in Nordstrom.

For the footwear, you can expect bold color combinations such as, mocha and navy. The footwear will range between $200s to the mid $300s. Sarah Jessica Parker said about her new line of clothing that there were times in the past where opportunities existed to launch a range, but the timing had to be perfect. Now is the time to take the world as Sarah Jessica Parker Gets a Fashion Line.

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