Schwarzenegger Family Caught by Traffic Laws

Los Angeles’ efforts to come down hard on traffic violations finally netted a notable catch. Maria Shriver, estranged wife to former California governor, Arnold Schwarzenegger and her daughter Katherine Schwarzenegger both received parking tickets outside a gym in Brentwood, Los Angeles. The tickets had both ladies astounded as they both thought they had fed the parking meters.

Shriver found the parking ticket stuck onto the windscreen of her Cadillac Escalade. Her daughter meanwhile found her citation on the wiper blade of her sleek Mercedes sedan. It drew funny comments on online media that perhaps Arnold Schwarzenegger being a former Golden State governor, could pull strings and let them off scot free.
 maria shriver
Maria Shriver had just returned from a vacation in the West Indies Island of St. Barts. Perhaps they were shedding off the summer pounds when the traffic attendants caught up with them. She filed for divorce from Schwarzenegger last year after he was busted that he had a secret kid with a former house help.

Photo credit : M Brown / Getty Images

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