Sean Parker Has Spent 9 Million On Wedding Decorations

Billionaire, Sean Parker is spending almost $9 million to make a temporary backdrop for his wedding day. Parker has booked the whole of Ventana Inn, in Big Sur, CA. He will get married on the 1st June to Alexandra Lenas in a completely over the top wedding. The wedding is to have medieval flare and will not spare any cost.


Sean Parker hired a landscaping firm to manufacture fake ruins, bridges, waterfalls, ponds and a gated cottage. The couple will get married in a forest that surrounds the venue. Each guest will have to enter through a $600k gate and dance on a $350k dancefloor, Parker has even spent $1,000,000 on plants and flowers.

The whole backdrop is costing $8.6 million. All this, for just one day of their lives. Let’s hope they don’t regret spending so much money on their wedding day. As if this isn’t enough! The whole backdrop will go in the garbage immediately after their celebrations.

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