Sean Penn and Petra Nemcova’s Romance Blooms

sean penn petra nemcova

Hollywood bad boy, Sean Penn has hooked up with his former lover Petra Nemcova. The two had a short stint together in February 2008. During U2 lead singer Bono’s birthday party in New York on May 10, the couple was spotted holding hands and reportedly left the venue together. Before then, Penn 51, and Nemcova 32, had been on a series of dates that close sources termed as “friendly meetings”.

This latest Hollywood romance could be a case study for celebrity relationships. Petra, a walkway beauty of Czech descent called off her engagement to Jamie Belman just a few weeks ago. Belman asked for her hand in December 2010 after 8 months of courtship. Sean Penn on his part, divorced from Robin Wright in 2010 after fourteen years of marriage.

This divorce happened amidst rumors that he was having an affair with Petra. Even before the ink had dried on the divorce papers, he was dating Scarlett Johansson who had just broken up with Ryan Reynolds a month earlier.

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