Sean Young Arrested At Post-Oscars Party

sean young arrested

The Oscars are known as one of the more regal events of the year. While this is generally an accurate portrayal, there are always a few stars that get a bit rambunctious. The news of Sean Young being arrested suggests the 2012 Oscars were no different than previous years.

So what exactly happened? Well, it is a time honored tradition that the stars and powers that be in Hollywood head off to post-Oscars parties to let their hair down and do some serious networking. As you can imagine, it is a very good opportunity to advance one’s career. Sean Young certainly seemed to think so and that is where things went wrong.

Young was at one of the larger parties and was asked to leave. Was she being unruly? Not really. The problem was she wasn’t actually invited to the party! She had crashed it. When this was discovered, she was asked to leave but refused. This eventually resulted in her arrest. In classic diva fashion, she blamed the incident on the party sponsors and demanded an apology from the Oscars!

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