Secrets For A Big Hair Style That Stands Out

Big hair is back in fashion, one only has to look at Kelly Rowland’s massive X-Factor curls or the Duchess of Cambridge’s long, wavy locks. Big hair looks excellent and makes a woman look glamorous. However, people wonder how they can get the same desired look without having help from the hairdresser. Nobody wants to spend hours trying to create the same look with expensive curling tongs.

secrets big hair

Wavy hair is in vogue right now. Having long, flowing hair will save money and improve a person’s appearance. By having long, flowing hair you can abandon hair-dryers and straighteners. Furthermore, it will protect a person’s hair from heat damage.

Although curling tongs give volume in an instant, to save hair from too much heat damage, a person can create the same look by curling the hair with grips. Learning how to do pin curling will help save a lot of time. Simply, roll sections of the hair and pin them in place. When using this technique, wash your hair, pin curl it and sleep with the grips in place. Once it is dry, shake out the curls and backcomb the roots for amazing waves and texture.

It does not cost a lot of money to buy hair pins and a bottle of hair spray. Furthermore, it saves time and protects the hair from heat damage. When using heat, always use a heat protection spray to protect the hair from getting damaged. Dry shampoo is an excellent product that is not used enough. To use dry shampoo, it’s important to put it on each section of the hair and not just spray it all over the hair. Spray it root by root and then use a hairdryer for ten seconds. This will remove the grease from hair and provide texture and volume.

Braiding the hair will also create wavy hair. Plait the hair in two braids when it is wet. When it is dry undo the braids and shake the hair out to create a big wavy style.

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