Selena Gomez Adidas Neo Fall 2014 Campaign

Selena Gomez, aged 22, is a fashion phenomenon in the fashion industry. Her new line of fashion for fall 2014 has become a fashion statement that can’t be missed. The Selena Gomez Adidas Neo Fall 2014 collection involves ballet slippers, denim jackets, chunky sneakers and crop tops which has black skulls. Selena Gomez teamed up with Adidas again to bring a new statement to the fashion industry. The Adidas Neo collection of 2014 hit the stores August 6th.

selena gomez adidas neo

Selena Gomez’s new collection is mixed with much personality and has become a hit among her fans. Her collection is edgy and full of personality. She is a fashion icon to the fashion industry and continues to amaze her fans as she continues her fashion career. The styles of the Selena Gomez Adidas Neo’ look was inspired by the city. Her different styles gave her that connection to city life, such as, the printed lace gave Selena a downtown feel. She wanted to make a statement through her work and now she is aiming high.

Her entire line is affordable and full of inspiration. A favorite piece within the collection is the denim bomber jacket that is able to go with just anything. Mixing and matching styles also help create your own feel of the collection. There are endless combinations to this fashion explosion. Selena Gomez has made her style cozy, adventurous, and unique. She emphasizes on the accessories, such as, scarves, the tote bags, or the cozy beanies to help bring this look alive. This collection gives society a new way to look at fashion and Selena has made her statement to give originality. She isn’t afraid to express herself through her work which gives this fashion collection edge. She is a fashion prodigy and will continue to shine as she creates even more amazing styles.

Photo credit : Adidas

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