Selena Gomez Chosen For The New Adidas Neo Fall 2013 Campaign

Selena Gomez could not be more perfectly placed for the Adidas Neo Fall 2013 Campaign. Pop star Selena Gomez is 20 years old and currently dating Justin Bieber. Everyone recognises the Adidas name and Selena Gomez makes the brand look funky and edgy. The campaign photographs display the pop star high on attitude, geared in rock-chic clothing of leather and denim. There are plenty of trendy shoe designs and more besides. Each design has been carefully created to match the Adidas Neo theme.


Designs include denim shorts perfect for the summer, worn with a denim waistcoat and t-shirt gives the ideal rock look. Lycra leggings look great with high tops by Adidas Neo. Selena Gomez fall collection arrives in stores on July 30th. Customers can expect sleek leggings, sneakers, denim vests and trendy t-shirts.

T-shirts are in bright colors of pink, white and black with the logo ‘Get Out There’. There are t-shirts with stars on the front and short, flowing dresses fit for a princess. This style is definitely for the younger generation and is aimed more at teenagers and young adults. There are some funky socks to match the new shoes and each color is chosen to be bold enough to match the Neo design.


Selena Gomez arrived in Berlin airport on Monday, not quite looking ready for her close up photograph. The singer wore casual clothing which is ideal for travelling. Her leather biker boots were perfect for walking through the airport. However, by the time of her photo-call, the young celebrity had perfectly styled hair and was wearing funky, street-wear for the launch of the Adidas Neo campaign. Her hair was perfectly preened into long, locks of wavy hair. She looked very happy and comfortable in front of the camera. It is interesting that both Selena and Justin have signed endorsement deals with Adidas to promote the new Neo brand.

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