Selena Gomez Found a new Catch Already?

Selena Gomez flirting Josh Hutcherson…is it just too soon? Selena and Bieber have been the hottest teen celeb couple for some years now, but everything does ultimately come to a stop. Not long after the break up, Selena looks like she is ready to dive back in to the dating pool.
Selena was spotted at the Weinstein party on a fierce flirting session with the Hunger Games hunk Josh Hutcherson. The two danced together and even held hands as they left , you really do not have to be a brainy one to figure out this one. However, the fact that Vanessa Hudgen, Josh’s ex, was with them does indeed raise a few questions. Were they just three friends hanging out or is it that Vanessa does not mind passing over her left- overs to her BFF?

So while Justin seems to have found a new love, read marijuana, Selena on the other hand is working on it. Hopefully, Josh will not turn out to be a big needy baby as she described Bieber.

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