Selena Gomez’s Lisa Marie Fernandez Denim Swimsuit

It is not debatable that Selena Gomez is really gorgeous. The number of her Instagram followers would be a thing to go by: she is the most followed. That aside, just imagine her in a swimsuit. She would be a wild beauty. But it does not have to be an imagination any more. Selena Gomez’s Lisa Marie Fernandez Denim Swim is out for all and sundry to see; and she is hot than ever.


The denim bikini is a perfect fit for her and all thanks should go to Lisa Marie Fernandez who designed the piece. The swimsuit comes with a retro inspiration and features a high waist and bikini-biased bottom. Gomez adds some dazzle to her appearance by throwing in some blonde steaks to her cultural thing with brunette hairstyle.

For those who love of Gomez, not forgetting haters, now there is more to talk about her and all for the good reasons. She never goes wrong with whatever she throws on her body.

Photo credit : Selena Gomez/Instagram

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