Seven Hair Care Myths You Should Stop Believing In Now

We all want great and easy to handle hair. Most of us regularly check online blogs and video channels to pick up the magic solution for our oily or unmanageable hair. However, not every advice is based on scientific research, and most of the tips you hear on the internet are old wives’ tales. The bad news is that listening to the wrong advice can cause permanent damage, and – in extreme cases  – hair loss. If you would like to know which commonly given advice you should ignore, read the list below.

  1. Trimming Your Hair Makes It Grow

You must have heard this a million times. When you wanted to make your hair grow until it reached the floor, your mother might have told you this. There is, however, no solid proof that this is true. While trimming your hair is important to keep your style and get rid of split ends, you will not make your hair grow faster at all. It is important to get your fringe and bangs trimmed to keep the same hairstyle, but you shouldn’t expect your hair to grow faster as a result.

  1. Your Hair Stops Growing As You Age

If you think that there is a limit to how long your hair can be, you should think again. Your hair will not stop growing. Not when you get older, and not when you reached a certain length. It is, however, true that taking care of extremely long locks is a challenge, and you will need to use advanced methods to keep your long hair untangled and organized. If you want to be able to sit on your hair, you can keep on growing it, but be prepared for hours of combing and brushing every morning.

  1. You Should Change Your Shampoo and Conditioner Often

Some people will tell you that your hair “gets used to” your shampoo and conditioner after a few weeks, and you should be changing it regularly. This is simply not true. Indeed, you should stick with whatever is working for you. When you find the perfect shampoo for your oily hair by doing your research at, stick with it, instead of trying something new that might not be as good as the previous one.

  1. Ice Cold Water for Extra Shine

If you would like a bright and shiny hair, rinsing it with ice cold water is not the right solution. Instead, you need to find a conditioner or hair mask that restores the natural shine. The only thing you will get out of washing or rinsing your hair in cold water is a cold or scalp problems. Just like very hot water, cold one can damage your roots, and cause hair loss.

  1. Plucking Gray Hair Will Make It Grow Back Faster

If you discover some gray hair on the top of your head, don’t be afraid of plucking it. It will not come back at twice the speed. If you have more than a few gray hair, however, you might want to get a color boosting shampoo or a hair dye with great gray coverage. Satisfy your vanity whenever you want to, instead of being afraid of turning white just because of plucking a few hairs.

  1. You Can Prevent Oily Hair By Skipping Conditioning

Hair conditioning doesn’t make your hair oily, unless you are using a product that is designed for dry hair, and you have normal hair. It is important that you get a professional hair test or diagnostics done at your local salon before you choose your shampoo and conditioner. It is, however, possible that you don’t wash off the conditioner from the roots of your hair carefully, and this causes an oily scalp.

  1. You Can Restore Split Ends

If you have ever seen the magic treatment for split ends that will rebuild your hair, you might have fallen for this lie. There is no way of getting rid of them, other than trimming your hair and allowing new cells to grow. You cannot stick the ends back together, so don’t even waste your time trying.

During our lives, we have come across several myths about hair. While you might want to make the most out of your style and beauty, make sure you don’t fall for these often dangerous myths that can damage your hair. Always ask for professional advice, and do your research, before you try something new that is recommended by a blogger or vlogger. Be careful with cold water, innovative, and unusual methods, and stick with your hairdesser’s advice.


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