Seven Ideas to Hide a Larger Waist

A lot of women struggle with excess weight in their stomach. If this is your problem area, you do not need to worry about getting liposuction. Instead, you can eat sensibly and take advantage of more practical options like a waist clincher. The following are seven ideas to help you hide your tummy and look good at the same time. Try them today.


1 – Avoid Baggy Clothes All Over

First, it is important to avoid baggy clothes all over. This means you should not wear a baggy top and baggy pants. Sure you might feel comfortable in this type of outfit. However, it adds more visual weight to your figure. It is better to choose a smoother fabric that has some elasticity on the bottom. Then look for a looser fitting top. This will provide you with a proportioned look that does not add weight to your figure.

2 – Stay Away From Banded Waist Tops

Next, make sure to stay away from banded waist tops. These tops hit your waist at the area you want people to avoid looking at. In doing so, they draw unwanted attention to your stomach, and they can make you look bigger. It is much better to choose a flowy top that hides your problem area.

3 – Stop Tucking Your Shirts In

If you have a larger tummy, then you shouldn’t tuck in your shirts. This style is better for people that have a good waistline. When you tuck in your shirt, you draw attention to your waist area. This is a no-no if your stomach is a problem area.

4 – Ruching Is Your Friend

When you are searching for clothing, ruching is your friend. This type of fabric can hide trouble in your stomach area. It can be very slimming, especially in darker colors. Plus, it is usually on trend.

5 – Avoid the Muffin Top

When you are shopping for jeans, you do not want to create a muffin top. Most of the time, the best option is a medium rise. If you go too low, your fat will hang over the jeans. If you go too high, you might have a difficult time fitting into them. Even better, when you stick with a medium rise, you will have a conservative pair of jeans that stays in style for a long time.

6 – Layer With Thin Fabrics

A great way to take the emphasis off of your stomach area is to layer. Since you do not want to add bulk to your body, you should try to layer with thinner fabrics. For example, you can add a thin cardigan over a t-shirt.

7 – Wear Monochromatic Colors

It is always a good idea to wear monochromatic colors if you have a larger stomach. This way, your outfit doesn’t stop in the middle of your body at your problem area. Instead, people’s eyes see one hue from head to toe.

With these seven tips, hiding a problematic stomach is less challenging. When you are shopping for clothing, do not forget to purchase shapewear. These undergarments can help you lose additional pounds visually. They will also help your clothing to look better. You will feel more confident and beautiful each day.

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