Shades of Tweed for Spring Eyes

The Chanel Les 4 Ombres Spring 2014 Makeup Collection will provide a completely new range of eyeshadow quads, with the older ones being gradually phased out. Along with eight new shades, based on the famous Chanel Tweed look, the texture will also be improved. Using a process unique to Chanel, the new cosmetics formula will include mineral pigments and purified oil, but will contain no talc. This should result in a smoother, softer, more glossy eyeshadow that is easier to apply. The color will be richer and more long-lasting too. All this adds up to a very versatile make-up kit for eyes, which allows the wearer to personalize the colors and textures to suit both their taste and the occasion.


The eight new quads have names reminiscent of La Belle France, such as Tissé Vendome, Tissé Riviera and Tissé Mademoiselle – all suggestive of French chic. Tissé means woven, and is a reference back to the Tweedy influence. The tones are mostly in the nude, pink and brown range, with a deep blue and green for dramatic effect. The textures range from metallic and iridescent to satin and sheer.

Along with the eyeshadows come Long Lasting Eye Liners in harmonising colors such as Marron Glacé (chestnut brown) and Bleu Métallique (metallic blue). Volumising waterproof mascara comes in three shades: black, brown and khaki green. The model for the launch will be Vanessa Axente, who also models for the rest of the Chanel Spring Make-up Collection. The main image for Les 4 Ombres shows her peaches-and-cream complexion subtly enhanced, with slightly glossy, almost nude lips,allowing all the attention to be directed towards the eyes: an iridescent shade of greenish gray-blue which exactly matches the color of her irises. The eyeliner and thick lashes are black.


The collection will be launched, both online and internationally in stores, in the second half of March, with the quads retailing at $59.00 (£40).

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