Shakira and Usher, Next in Line for The Voice

Much like the path that “American Idol” has gone down, “The Voice” is making a similar journey by losing members of their judging panel and adding on new additions for the next season. Shakira and Usher have become the replacements for CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera. Both Christina Aguilera and CeeLo Green are calling their departure a break so that they can both further their careers outside of “The Voice” but like many departures from shows, a break usually becomes a permanent parting.

While Christina Aguilera is planning on using her time away from “The Voice” as an opportunity to promote her newest album and become an artist again, she states that she does want to come back eventually after spending more time with her music with the hopes that it’ll make her a better coach. All the time that she’s spent on “The Voice” has taken time away from her to create her own music and that worries and concerns the diva that she’s straying too far from what made her who she is today.

CeeLo Green on the other hand is also hoping to create some new music but on top of that, he’s planning on working on his upcoming NBC television show based on his life and family. While details of the show haven’t quite emerged yet, CeeLo Green is sure to attract an audience with his skyrocketing film and television career. He is also going to be a featured voice in the upcoming “Hotel Transylvania” as Murray which is set to be released on September 28th.

shakira usher the voice

Both CeeLo Green and Christina Aguilera have played an important role in “The Voice” but like many people, we tire from continuously doing the same task over and over again. Usher and Shakira are both excellent choices to add to the judging panel because they’ve been in the business long enough to know talent and that’s the most vital skill required for the singing competition. The future of “The Voice” is becoming shaky but if they’re able to keep the show exciting, it might just attract more viewers and not cause all their judges to stray away.
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