Sheryl Crow’s Tumor Scare

Fifty year old singer and composer, Sheryl Crow has revealed that she was diagnosed with a brain tumor late last year. In an interview with Las Vegas Review Journal, she said that she sought medical assistance in November 2011 after worrying about the state of her memory. She had an MRI scan that proved to her that “something was wrong” as she referred to it. Her visit to the doctor was prompted after she forgot lyrics to “Soak Up the Sun” at a live concert in Florida. Despite the alarming term used, it is a benign condition and the singer was quick to calm her fans about it.
Sheryl Crow, who has had a long time presence in the country music scene, does not seem overly concerned about her situation, and jokes about it since it became public. She has had huge country hits including the theme song to James Bond’s “Tomorrow Never Dies”. Other well known tracks are “All I Wanna Do” and “Every Day Is A Winding Road”.

 sheryl crow tumor

After beating breast cancer six years ago, this appears to be just a mole hill. She also announced the same during a recent performance to a shocked audience but laughed it off before continuing the concert. Crow’s assistant, Christine Wolff spoke to a news outlet and described the singer’s announcement as random banter during the interview with Las Vegas Review Journal. She said that the announcement was not meant to alarm but as a way of communicating to her fans around the world especially after her breast cancer ordeal.
Sheryl Crow has two adopted sons, Wyatt Steven and Levi James. She was previously engaged to Tour de France legend, Lance Armstrong who also had a long term struggle against prostate cancer. Unlike her previous medical condition, she has taken a jocular approach, quipping: “I’m 50. My brain was bound to go to sh**”. However, in the same breath she dedicates her inner strength to her sons who she says occupy her every thought and decision.

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