Shocking John Bon Jovi Daughter Arrested Over Drug Overdose Allegations

John Bon Jovi daughter arrested headlines, have shocked the world, and called for a fresh investigation into drugs at universities. Stephanie R Bon Jovi who is 19 was arrested and charged with the possession of an illegal controlled substance.  The famous teenager was also charged with the possession of marijuana; both offences are considered to be incredibly serious.

The arrest of Jon Bon Jovi’s daughter followed the suspected overdose of a female student from a heroin overdose, which was reported in an emergency call to the police. The suicide attempt occurred at Hamilton College, where Stephanie is a student. Kirkland police were called to the scene after an emergency call was placed just after 2am claiming that a student had overdosed and was unresponsive.

At the scene, there was a small quantity of heroin found, and student Ian Grant was arrested at the scene for criminal possession of an illegal substance. A warrant was later executed, allowing the Oneida County Drug Enforcement Task Force to conduct a full search of the dorm. There were other drugs and drug Paraphernalia discovered in the dorm, alongside quantities of heroin and marijuana.

stephanie bon jovi

During the search drugs were found in the possession of Stephanie, and she was arrested, however, released later that day to appear at Kirkland Court on another date. The John Bon Jovi daughter arrested headline was quick to be released, and many magazines and papers led with this story. However, both the family and the College have declined to make a statement.

Stephanie has now been released from hospital and is recovering at home. Hamilton College did agree that the charges that were being brought violated state law as well as college policy. The College is cooperating fully with the police investigation, however, the privacy of the students allows them not to discuss disciplinary or health issues.

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