Sick Of Mundane Tasks? Make Them Easier!

If you’re the kind of person who hates having to check their email in the morning, and can never remember to do their washing because they just don’t want to, this is the list you’ve been waiting for. It’s time take the most boring parts of the day in, day out, and make them a lot easier to accomplish. When it comes to making something a habit, being quick at getting all of the mundane tasks done is a number one skill most people need. And to make that habit formation a lot easier on you, here’s some tips for getting better at getting through your most mundane activities.

Put Some Music On


Music helps the brain to focus when we’re doing the right kind of tasks, and also gives us a little more energy when we’re listening to the right genre. So if you find yourself lacking the right motivation to get your work done, try sticking on some dance tunes to get yourself literally moving and your brain following suit. It’s good for housework, so if you’re having trouble cleaning the kitchen, try dancing around it as you’re wiping down the counters.


Take Them a Few Minutes at a Time


Concentrating is hard, and human brains are made to bounce back and forth across different tasks to make sure we’re watching out for predators. It’s also because a lot of us get bored very easily, and thus we want to keep ourselves interested in what we’re focusing on to keep from feeling so down about them.


So if you’ve got a lot of housework to get out of the way, mix it up with whatever else it is you have to do. Take it 20 minutes at a time before you swap; you can even train yourself to get something done in these 20 minutes, making these tasks easier and easier the more you do them.


Even if you’re the kind of person who wants to get something out of the way, this is a great method to making sure you don’t reach burnout (which you probably will if you keep trying to accomplish hefty tasks all in one go).


Get Someone to Help Out


Delegating is something that’s good for our time and energy levels, as humans aren’t capable of everything! So if you’re got people around that could help you out, make sure you’re looking to them to help.


Take cleaning your clothes as a good example here; something so mundane you could pass out doing it! If you have some nearby dry cleaning laundry services to check out, why not do so? If you’re really pushed for time this week, or even just today, and you need your professional business suit stat, this is an excellent option. Not to mention you now have a bit more time to sift through all of those dreaded emails!


So if you’re sick of the most mundane tasks out there, do what you can to change your task approach!

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