Sienna and Tom Get A Baby Girl

Although Sienna Miller was kept her pregnancy away from the public, it is reported that she and her boyfriend, Tom Sturridge have welcomed a bouncing baby girl. The thirty year old actress gave birth to her daughter this past weekend in London. However, keeping in line with the secrecy, the gender was only revealed a few hours ago.

Miller and Sturridge, 26, have decided to christen the little beauty, Marlow. Speculation is rife on the choice of name. It is thought that she is named after famous Elizabethan playwright, Christopher Marlow. The two are well known as theatre enthusiasts. Other sources suggest that she could have been given the name of a small British town in Buckinghamshire.
 sienna tom miller
Sienna and Tom started seeing each other last year after her break up with Jude Law. She only revealed her pregnancy when she could no longer hide it. She is quoted as saying she only opened about it because it wasn’t possible to hide it any longer.

Photo credit : PrPhotos

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