10 Signs Your Boyfriend Is Husband Material

There is a very true adage that says a woman makes only one decision: she chooses a man with whom she’ll spend her life and who will make other decisions. Many women date the wrong guys and end up getting married to the wrong men. At the beginning of a relationship, you think he is the one. But usually, it’s an illusion evoked by your emotions. In order to realize whether you date the right man, you need to get to know him better and analyze how he treats you. According to the relationship experts from the dating site where single men can meet single Russian ladies, there are some signs paying attention to which you’ll know your boyfriend is marriage material.


  1. He accepts you for who you are.
    You have a lot of merits and he knows about them. He is also aware of your imperfections and flaws and it doesn’t make him love you less. You can be yourself in front of him – you don’t want to seem better because you know he
  2. He is always there no matter how far or busy he is.
    This is life and anything can happen but he is always by your side. If something good happens to you, he is there to share your happy moment. If you’re down in the dumps, he is there to comfort you. He always finds the time to come to you when you need him.
  3. Your opinion is important to him.
    There are no leaders and subordinates in relationships – both partners are equal. If he asks for your opinion or seeks advice from you, it means he respects you and views you as a partner. He wants to know your preferences in order to make a decision that will benefit your couple.
  4. Self-improvement is his second name.
    Living together, partners influence each other’s characters and views. It’s important that they look in the same direction. What does it mean? For example, you’re an active person, you have your goals, and you want to achieve them some day while your boyfriend doesn’t know what he wants and he does nothing to change his life. Such relationship will end sooner or later because every woman wants to see a success-oriented and mentally strong man. Even if your boyfriend is not that successful now but he is ambitious and industrious, he is a good match.
  5. Your systems of values coincide.
    If you view your boyfriend as a potential life partner, you need to make sure that you have similar views on life, particularly your life as a couple. You should be on the same page as to your religious beliefs, lifestyle, the place where you want to live (city or country), future children etc. It’s extremely important that partners’ views on their future coincide. Even if you’re different, your relationship is possible if he’s ready to find a compromise.
  6. You are a team.
    He views you as an independent personality and his partner, his ally. He needs you because he wants to grow and develop together. He doesn’t assert himself at your expense, he doesn’t seek approval or emotional support from you, he doesn’t view you as his housekeeper – he sees an equal partner in you. He respects you, your choices, tastes, lifestyle, etc. He never puts the blame on you for his failures.
  7. He is a decision-maker.
    The man who is marriage material can take a responsibility and make an important decision. There are some situations when a man should take the lead and solve the existing problem. He should be intelligent and decisive, so if your boyfriend has these qualities, he will make a good spouse.
  8. You can discuss any issue.
    Good communication is a cornerstone of any relationship. You can speak your mind and be sure that he’ll listen attentively and try to get your point simply because he respects you. Your relationship can’t be secured from fights and arguments but if you can communicate openly and bring those matters that worry you up, you get through any obstacle.
  9. You trust him.
    You’re totally confident in him because he has proved that he is the person you can always rely on. You know that when he says something, he really means it. You don’t suspect him because there is a high level of trust between you two.

He is serious about you.
How can you understand that? If he often talks about the future and you’re always there in his plans, he views you as potential wife. He may not propose to you at once since he wants to become more established in his career but the fact that he includes you in his future speaks volumes about his intentions.

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