Simple and Easy Techniques That Can Help People Get Beachy Waves Overnight

The beachy waves hairstyle is in vogue and we often find celebrities flaunting it. A person can try this classy hairstyle any time of the year but it is absolutely perfect for the summer season. As the name suggest, this hair style is inspired by the look that a person gets while spending a carefree day on a sea beach when the wind blows through the hair and gives it soft tousled waves.


People who like this particular hairstyle may wonder how to get beachy waves overnight. To answer this question it must be said there are a few simple techniques to get this particular hairstyle in an overnight and it can be easily done at home.

Making braids is one of the techniques to get beachy waves overnight. First a person needs to wash the hair and apply a leave- in hair conditioner. After this the person needs to dry 80% of the hair by using a blow-dryer. Then she can use a beach spray on her hair and can then divide the hair into two sections and make braids. The braids needs to be left overnight ( for 6 to 7 hours) and when the person gets up in the morning she can undo the braids and fluff the hair with her fingers to add more volume to the hair and to get beautiful beachy waves.

Making a topknot before going to sleep is another technique to get the beachy waves hairstyle. Woman who have long hair and want to get this particular hairstyle should opt for this technique. First a person needs to add a lightweight mousse on her half dry hair. Then the person needs to make a high topknot which should not be too taught, especially around the scalp area. To secure the topknot pins or hair tie can be used. The person can undo the topknot in the morning and get the beachy waves hairstyle. To reinforce the beachy waves the person can also use her fingers or curling irons in the morning.

The beachy waves hairstyle looks good on every woman irrespective of their age or their hair type and so anyone can try it.

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