Six Eco-friendly Accessories for the Earth Conscious Fashionista

The best fashion accessories are those that add flair to your wardrobe without harming the environment. From vegan shoes to products made with sustainable materials, you can find the perfect accessories for your personal style while maintaining high standards for eco-friendliness.

Six Eco-friendly Accessories for the Earth Conscious Fashionista

Vintage Jewelry
You can take the reduce, reuse, recycle motto to your closet when you opt for vintage accessories. Vintage pins, necklaces and earrings add style and sparkle to your wardrobe when you opt for classic designs that are still popular today. Rhinestones are a popular choice that adds a pop of color to any little black dress, or opt for a wide bracelet for those business meetings when you need just a touch of flash. Vintage jewelry allows you to look great without buying new items, which helps you reduce your carbon footprint and protect the environment.

Vegan Shoes
Vegan shoes are becoming increasingly popular as people move toward a more eco-friendly lifestyle. If you think that you choices are limited, you may be surprised to know that there are many companies that offer vegan shoes in the hottest styles of the season. Look for options that are made from sustainable sources or that are made using eco-friendly manufacturing processes to for the greatest positive impact on the environment.

The Minimalist
Everyone knows that buying products with less packaging is ideal, but did you know that there are accessories that are made with less material? Using less material is always better for the environment, particularly when products are made from sustainable sources. Check out the All-Ett wallets made from less materials, which means less impact for the environment, to carry your essentials. The All-ETT is also made from sustainable sources, giving you the advantage of having a stylish wallet that is eco-friendly.

Organic Cotton
There are some times when you just want to relax at home in comfort. Organic cotton or bamboo is soft, durable and perfectly comfortable for those days when you just want to stay in. Make sure that your cotton or bamboo clothing is certified organic by an independent source before buying. Soy is also a soft, durable option for organic clothing.

Stay Warm with Wool
When harvested ethically, wool is one of nature’s warmest, most eco-friendly materials. A belted wool jacket in red is a classic icon for winter fashion. Opt for black if you want the warmth without the attention that a classic red jacket brings. Look for a company that uses ethical harvesting techniques and adheres to Fair Trade standards to find wool products that are beneficial to local communities.

Opt for Acrylic
If wool doesn’t appeal to you, acrylic scarves and other cool weather gear may be the right option for you. Handmade items are particularly popular for the eco-friendly. Visit your local markets to see artisan’s wares, or explore your options online for purchasing handmade accessories. You will support a small business owner while finding some of the trendiest items available.

Whether you are purchasing a new product made from sustainable materials or buying a vintage item, there are hundreds of options available that are eco-friendly. Organic, sustainable and Fair Trade items are ideal if you are buying new. With just a little research, you can find the perfect accessories for your wardrobe while maintaining a green lifestyle.

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