Smoldering Rosie Huntington for ELLE KOREA Cover Beauty

It is once again a career-high point as Rosie Huntington-Whiteley for Elle Korea cover came out November 2016. For its 24th anniversary, Elle Korea could not have chosen a better model to be their face other than Rosie. She is dazzling in every way and this will be an inerasable memory for the lovers of the magazine the world over.


The iconic image of her is on the front cover where she is clad in black briefs and shearling-leather jacket; a casual look that every who-is-who lady will want to have.

In other eye-striking images, the British top model juggles with pajamas, trench coats and comfy sweaters: all from fall collection of Blueberry. Her hair is in her trademark tousles of waves. With barely any color on her lips, she is the perfect natural beauty for the occasion. Thanks to the photographer of the day, Naj Jamai, every angle; up close and far range is all there.

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