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It is great to know that celebrities, like all ordinary people, being beautiful, wealthy and famous, can have the same living needs, such as the need to communicate personally and even the need to meet someone to love. The whole dating game is one of the hardest in the world, especially for well-known persons.

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Do you know that Adele, Andy Cohen and Martha Stewart have created their profiles on dating websites and looked for love on the Internet? Celebrities usually have much more resources, including money and business relationship. They constantly receive invitations, they are surrounded by fans they take part in all events. But even Hollywood stars used to find their love on online dating sites, such as Celebs Go Dating. There is a big number of love stories with participation of celebrities. Matt Damon, for instance, married former bartender Luciana Bozan, who was his fan. Nicolas Cage married a former waitress and fan Alice Kim, who used to work in a restaurant where Nicolas Cage liked to eat. Mel Gibson met a Russian beauty Oksana Grigorieva, who admired the famous actor. Isn’t it a reason to think about dating a Russian woman? Fans are able to hook up their stars in social networks or on dating websites.

On the other side, love stories of superstars look like a trend and some dating professionals do not advise them to set up relationship online. Celebrities should keep their privacy. Their dating lives quickly become well known news. Therefore, any potential love interest should be thoroughly examined by the hired experts, matchmakers or personal assistant, that celebrities really trust. In majority of cases, online dating opens a celebrity for all sorts of fans, fame seekers and gold diggers and leads the celebrity to the deprivation of the normal human intimacy.

The fans can follow the celebrity all the time, even in the Internet. They usually try to interfere in personal lives of their idols. Ordinary, fans use this opportunity to express praise, to show an artificial love and to bother them with persistent questions and requests. There are also those who use Internet dating websites to demand the special attention of celebrities. These are unreasonable demands that take a lot of time and efforts of celebrities. Rihanna, Mila Kunis and Kate Upton revealed their stories about how hard they had been pressured in the social networks into accepting date invitations and participation in different boring events.

Time ago, it was an introduction on the Facebook Fan page, stating the idea that adding a celebrity into the personal priority contacts is not good at all. It would be better to express somebody’s appreciation in a different way. At the beginning, Facebook was a small virtual world for college students with very few users and options. Young people was creating fake romances and exchanging by news. Some users created fake profiles for Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, Abraham Lincoln and even Jesus Christ for fun. Others used some celebrities’ avatars for themselves. One guy maid a proposal to Bjork in Facebook, another student was dating Colin Farrell. Before social networks grew up considerably, fans that wanted to get in touch with celebrities had to undertake much more sophisticated steps in order to reach them. Today, a fan can only press a button for easily dispatching a celebrity picture with him alongside to his real friends on Facebook. Instagram or Twitter. But for every fan who imagines that he “directly interact” with his favorite celebrity, there is a big disappointment: all celebrities have their staff of personnel who are in charge to get incoming messages, sort them out and answer to them. It is necessary just to maintain the popularity of the superstar on the high level. There are tons of inquiries that celebrities receive every minute. Sometimes, even a whole division of the social media managers can hardly cope with these requests and inquiries, but these media managers are well paid for this kind of work. They are creating a visibility of interaction with fans. Social networks are used and developed for more visible and public interaction between stars and their fans in the ways that it makes us believe in this abnormal relationship.

Everybody would agree that we all deserve a personal meeting with our favorite celebrity, because we admire the star’s pictures, posted everywhere, and always buy tickets to movies or shows. Fans can use their big power on the celebrities to stay as famous as they are now. Celebrities’ admires want a positive engagement in their regards, they admonish superstars for acting irresponsibly. The celebrity status is not for granted.

But having the power to support a celebrity, fans have no license to blackmail famous personalities or to be too much annoying. How demanding and sometimes rude are fans who can’t even imagine the stars’ private lives, when celebrities are watched like under microscope and strictly judged for what they do, where they go, how they present themselves and how they live in their very small social world. Any celebrity must think twice before acting, saying and falling in love.

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