Spelling Mansion for sale!

The wife of Aaron Spelling ,Candy Spelling puts the family Mansions on the market but if you are interested you must be able to pay the huge asking price of 150 millions dollars.Much has been made over the years of the storied 56,500-square-foot French chateau-style mansion, which includes somewhere in the vicinity of 123 rooms.Eleven seems to be the general consensus on the bedroom quarters count, but Spelling has admitted on several occasions that she is unsure how many bathrooms she has, though anywhere from 16 to 26 have been reported.In addition to Spelling’s infamous gift-wrapping room, the home also includes a bowling alley, a wine ncellar and tasting room, a humidity-controlled silver storage room, a China room, library, gym and screening room, and 17,000-square-foot attic that has absolutely nothing in common with your grandmother’s—unless, of course, she too boasts a barber shop and beauty salon in the space.

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