Online casino is great for celebs

Celebrities love the limelight – it’s all part of being famous. So there are lots of celebs who are spotted on the Strip in Las Vegas, but they’re not always at the tables – often they’re dining out or watching other celebs who are in residency in Sin City.


But there are some celebrities who, as well as having runaway success in their careers being themselves, also enjoy some fantastic wins at the card tables too. Ben Affleck is an Oscar winning actor and director but he’s also often in Vegas at the blackjack tables. One time he walked away having cleared almost a million – he gave the dealers $150,000 in tips and kept $800,000 for himself. Not a bad earner for an evening out!

Affleck’s mate Matt Damon is also a keen gambler and apparently plays regular private games of poker with Affleck and other celebs where the buy-in is $100,000. But what about when a celeb wants to play casino but doesn’t like being in the public eye when they’re doing so? Of course, they can get private VIP rooms to game in in Vegas, but what about when they’re elsewhere. They must do the same as everyone else and enjoy playing online and mobile slots. They’re just regular human beings as the end of the day – they must have times when they’re kept waiting and have nothing to do, and playing casino games on your mobile is a great way to pass the time.

Just check out the choice of Dazzle Casino mobile slots and you’ll see there’s plenty of variety there. Maybe Angelina Jolie likes to check out her alter ego Lara Croft when she plays the Tomb Raider Secret of the Sword slot, and perhaps those actors who were in the Dark Knight Rises – Christian Bale, Michael Caine, Gary Oldman and Morgan Freeman – like to see their characters when they play the Dark Knight Rises slot game. Who can say? We’ll never know exactly which celebs are online gamblers – unless they choose to tell us about it!

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