Spring Into Style: Follow These Five Fashion Rules

As the spring 2015 season is upon us, it is time to take a look at our personal style choices. Finding a unique look that works for you is a challenge in itself. Some people struggle when it comes to choosing pieces that suit their look, shape and attitude. If you are one of those people, you need a little extra help along the way. You ought to think about ways in which you can revamp your style this season. Follow these five rules, and you will always look incredible.


  1. Add something unique to you

Some people make the mistake of flat out copying looks and hoping that they work for them. That will only mean that you look like a cheaper version of someone else. Having fashion sense means knowing what works for you and what doesn’t. If you want to make an ensemble work for you, you should include a piece that is personal to your character. For example, you might wish to wear a silk scarf that was your grandma’s or a bracelet that you got from a thrift store. Wearing original pieces like these will tie your entire outfit together.

  1. Accessorize according to the season

You don’t have to change your entire wardrobe every season, but you should at least change your accessories. As we move from winter to spring, it is time to get rid of those bulky hats and gloves, and replace them with kaleidoscope glasses. You can probably wear the same outfits you wore in the winter for a month or so, but add a touch of freshness to your look. If you include some spring centric pieces, you will find that you instantly look cool and suave.

  1. Show off your best assets

When you are deciding what to wear, you need to know what part of your body you want to show off. If, for example, you adore your legs, you should showcase them by wearing slim-fit leggings or a skirt. Figure out what you want an outfit to say about you before you wear it. If you want to look sophisticated, it is best to cover up as much skin as possible. Sometimes, less is more, especially when it comes to showing off your body. You might want to wear a long skirt with a slit, rather than a mini.

  1. Experiment with many patterns

Some women shy away from patterns and colors. You don’t want to be monochrome all year around, do you? Now that the weather is brightening up, your clothing ought to mirror it. You should look for some bold, unusual patterns that you can incorporate into your outfits. Choose pieces that speak to you, and that make you smile. This season, floral prints are back again, which means that it is the perfect time to invest in some new flower pattern tops. Look for things that suit your taste and don’t be afraid of using color.

  1. Take inspiration from fashion icons

You should take inspiration from some of your favorite celebrities and style icons if you always want to look your best. Some people have impeccable senses of style. For example, if you hope to convey a sophisticated look, Natalie Portman might be your icon. If you want to be kooky and original, you might find inspiration while looking at Lady Gaga’s style. As I said before, you must never try to copy people. Instead, look at some of the most stylish people out there and use them as inspiration for your look. When you follow these simple rules, you will always turn heads! Start revamping your spring style right now.

Photo credit : Flickr

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