Ghost in the Shell Studio Making Anime Adaptation of Stan Lee’s Favourite- Superhero

Polygon Pictures, renowned for their work in producing hit anime like Ghost in the Shell, have set their eyes on a new adventure. The studio has announced on its official website that they are going to be making an anime adaptation of none other than Late Stan Lee’s all-time favorite character, Spider-Man. The series will be titled Spider-Man: Freshman Year with no other information being available at the time.

Spider Man
Official Logo For the Spider-Man: Freshman Year Series.

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Breakdown Of The Logo

Shared on Polygon Pictures Inc., one can figure out from the name and logo itself that the animated series might just be based on our beloved Peter Parker living out his Freshman Year in school or college. On what seems to be a torn piece of paper, the iconic name of Spider-Man is written in somewhat of a sketch as well as the text Freshman Year is written ad in a way to reveal the title. There is also a Marvel Studios logo at the very top of the paper.

Spider Man
Breakdown Of The Animated Series Logo

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Stan Lee’s Love For Spider-Man

It is no doubt that Stan Lee, creator of many characters and comics in the Marvel universe, had Spider-Man as his favorite character, which was even expressed on certain occasions. Lee in many interviews and anecdotes shared how he was proud of his work on the character, sharing how he loved Spider-Man was relatable to the audience as well as had a strong moral compass that guides him. He also shared that the character’s impact on pop culture was not something he expected, but definitely helped turn Spider-Man into your Neighbourhood Friendly Spider-Man he is today.

Stan Lee
Late Stan Lee During The Promotion Of Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man Trilogy

Fans now highly anticipate the animated series and are eager to watch it as soon as it is released. Polygon Studios have also shared that they will be using CG Technology in the process of animating the new series, which is the same tech that was used by MAPPA to animate Chainsaw Man.

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