Stars being paid for The Hangover Part 3

the hangover 3

If you’ve loved the first two Hangover movies get ready for the third installment. Well okay it’s not made as of yet and it will take a while before this movie comes out in the theaters. But it is set to be one that will rock the theaters just like the other two already did.

What is quite the news about this movie is the fact that the stars of the movie are all working together to get a huge payday for it. Zach Galifianakis, Bradley Cooper and Ed Helms are reportedly asking for a payday that will see each of them getting 15 million each. The talk is that there should be absolutely no problem with the success of the other films for them to receive that amount either.

When you look at the first film they each made less than a million dollars, the movie took in over 467 million. While the second movie saw them receiving about 5 million each, while the profits were 581 million. The movie is said to hopefully come out around Memorial day in 2013.

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