Staying Safe Online Is Easier Than You Think

Do you ever worry about staying safe when you’re online? Maybe you should because there are a number of dangers that you need to be aware of when you use the web. It’s not just about protecting your computer from viruses. You need to be careful of hacks as well.

Don’t Save Passwords

A lot of people find it is easy to remember passwords because they save them on their search engines. This means every time you return to an account online you can log in easily without delays. You can even do this with bank accounts. However, you shouldn’t because if anyone gets their hands on the device that you were using, they’ll have all the info. They’ll be able to steal from you and buy things using your information. It’s incredibly dangerous to leave this door open to thieves.

Don’t Send Anything You Wouldn’t Say In Public

If you are sending an email or instant message online, it’s important to realize they are not usually encrypted. This means that during the process of sending they can be accessed by hackers. It’s possible that once they do this, they will have all the information that you have sent from different accounts.

Don’t Identify Yourself

These days it’s possible for sites to identify who you are. You might have already noticed this because ads seem targeted to you specifically. That’s because they know it’s you visiting the site. It’s a scary thought because they do this by swiping information that you’ve used before. To avoid this problem, make sure you are using a VPN. The infographic below gives more information on how VPNs can be used to go online securely and anonymously.

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