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Today’s entertainers of all kinds have an amazing talent to draw us into their lives. Maybe it’s the popularity of reality shows, or maybe it’s just a voyeuristic fad. Whatever the reason, we all seem to be more wrapped up than ever in what our favorite singers, actors, models, and just general rich people are doing, day by day. And fortunately, we have plenty of ways to get updates as their crazy lives unfold.

Television Outlets

Never overlook the tried and true. Television remains its own best promoter, so in many cases, it’s the best source for news about its own celebrities as well as those from other mediums.

There may never be another journalist with the ability to pull the big interview the way Oprah Winfrey or Barbara Walters can, but that’s kind of the point. There are countless outlets now, dozens of cable networks with at least some stake in celebrity gossip and news. They all have their particular areas of interest, and while the biggest names in news still get the biggest names in celebrity interviews, there are plenty of other stars who will sit down with the lower-profile interviewers.

It’s here that you have to think about your lineup of channels. Check DIRECTV deals to make sure they cover the full spectrum of channels that will talk to the actors, models, singers, and reality stars you care most about.

Social Media

Well, why wait? It’s no longer necessary for your favorite celebrity to issue a press release and wait for it to travel through the newsroom at a network or magazine before reaching the public. Celebrities now use social media to connect directly to their fans, at the moment big news is made–and even when it’s just ordinary news.

And everything is being revealed this way. New projects, engagements, pregnancies, you name it. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and Snapchat are the chosen avenues for celebs to report the latest on themselves.

The really good stuff comes, though, when they start posting about other celebs. The unfiltered, unedited, stream-of-consciousness stuff that comes out in the heat of the moment is ten times better than some dry press release days after a confrontation. Gut reactions are the best!

Radio Networks

This one isn’t dead either! If you’re driving safely, you aren’t looking at your phone. But you can safely tune in to radio, and satellite radio offerings are as full of celebrity news as television systems.

What’s cool about satellite radio is that the celebrities aren’t just being interviewed, they’re hosting. Dozens of musicians and actors have shows and even whole channels that they use to share news about themselves and their contemporaries. This cuts across genres and generations, providing an endless stream of updates on who’s doing what and where.

These shows are long, too. A few hours on the road can be spent entirely with your favorite celebrity host, giving you details far beyond what you’ll catch in a couple of 7-minute TV segments. Where TV is perfect for the step-by-step updates of how a star’s story is unfolding, radio is just the place for in-depth, long-term information.

Today’s entertainment world is loaded with colorful characters who provide endless enjoyment to their viewers and listeners. Technology makes it possible to stay in tune with their every step.

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