Stunning Gisele Bundchen Pregnant Pictures Look Incredible

Gisele Bundchen pregnant pictures have reassured thousands of women that you can look stunning all through your pregnancy. The world’s highest paid supermodel is expecting her second child and remains sexy, stunning and out on the town. As she approaches her due date, the Brazilian supermodel continues to dine out with friends, and enjoy life.

Some critics feel that the 32 year old wife and mother is exhausted, and needs to slow down and spend some time at home with her feet up relaxing. However, she claims that she feels excellent and is counting down the days for her new baby to arrive. The photos of her leaving the restaurant were far from flattering; however, she continues to state that she is fine, and was just a little overwhelmed by the cameras.

In true supermodel style, Gisele, decided to attend the beach with family at the weekend, and sported an incredibly small bikini. The baby bump may be large, but the Gisele Bundchen pregnant pictures continue to display this supermodels excellent figure. From the back you would not even know that she was expecting a baby, let alone that she was so far into her pregnancy.

gisele bundchen pregnant

Although she may be an older Mom, Gisele remains active and has enjoyed carrying her second child.  Spending time with family and friends is the ideal way to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon, and Gisele is enjoying the time before the new addition joins them very soon. Both of her pregnancies have been straightforward, and she has enjoyed every moment.

The new baby will join the couple’s ever growing family, with their own two year old child, and her husband’s child from a previous relationship. Both Gisele and husband Tom have busy work schedules, and are ensuring that they spend as much time as a family as possible.

Photo credit : OPK/WENN

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