Style ideas for a Vegas wedding

Everyone wants their own wedding to be memorable and glorious, and while a church wedding for many is still their Number One choice, others may want to take a more modern approach and mix traditional elements of the ceremony with a more up-to-date setting. For those couples, the only place to get wed is Las Vegas.


Las Vegas

Las Vegas in the Nevada desert is an iconic place: from its early humble beginnings, its Golden Age in the 1950s and 1960s, to its modern day promise of glitz, glamor and gambling. Despite its reputation for being something of a ‘sin city’ providing opportunities to make easy money, Vegas offers something for everyone, for the tourists who want to experience Vegas life, to the families who want to explore the surprising number of non-gambling attractions, but perhaps most of all, for the couples who want to get married. For the latter, Vegas promises not only fun, but also luxury.

Luxury, you say doubtfully. But is not Vegas all surface glitz? Actually, no. Very early on it became clear that Vegas needed to offer something more if it was to continue to attract the fun-loving and wealthy people who came to see the Rat Pack perform at The Sands and to risk their money in the many casinos. One man in particular recognized the demand for luxury in this desert city, Steve Wynn. For more than 45 years, Mr. Wynn has been at forefront of development in Vegas, most famously on Las Vegas Strip. Most of the well-known hotels and resorts in Vegas have Steve Wynn behind them, names that will be familiar, such as the 5-Star Bellagio Towers with its world-famous fountains set to music and light shows, or the Wynn Las Vegas with its own 18-hole golf course and art gallery. Many of the hotels developed by Wynn Resorts are 5-Star and offer plush suites and rooms, distinctive dining experiences and a wealth of recreational activities.

Of course, one thing Vegas is not is shy, so if you are planning to stage your wedding in this wonderful city, you have to be prepared to be big and maybe a little brash. You should aim to set a Vegas theme for your wedding. A theme that will lend itself well to a wedding will be the casino, and this theme can translate into almost every aspect of the event, from the clothes that the couple can wear, as well as the bridesmaids, to the decoration for the wedding breakfast and evening reception.

Why not take the roulette wheel as the source of your inspiration? For example, you and your partner could have wedding outfits in the colors of red and black. If that is not going far enough for you, you could enhance the look by including designs of playing cards, or demonstrate your love by displaying the heart shape commonly used on playing cards. For the wedding breakfast where there is a sit-down meal, you could have name cards for your guests made out of playing cards and offer casino chips at the table as favors.

On the other hand, you may want a traditional marriage with a white wedding dress, but choose a dress that looks as opulent as your surroundings, with sparkling crystal decoration. The groom should wear a smart tuxedo to finish the look. And do not forget the natural beauty of Vegas. It may be a desert outside the city, but you will find some stunning views to act as a backdrop for your wedding photographs.

If you want a memorable wedding, then Vegas can offer you much in the way of fun, stunning natural vistas and being married in luxurious style.

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