Style Tips: Steal Victoria Justice’ Look

Gorgeous actress Victoria Justice has recently shared the fashion tips that she would give to her younger self. Personally, we can’t remember a time where she didn’t have the most awesome style. However, we all feel a little self conscious at a young age, don’t we? Victoria admitted that she regrets some of the looks she tried when she was younger. She says that she often tried looks that weren’t her style just because her friends did! If you want to learn more and steal her style yourself, read on…

The first thing she said she’d do is tell her younger self to wipe off that black eyeliner from under her eyes (something I think we all did at some stage). She thought it looked good on her friends, so she used to do it even though it didn’t suit her. She then went on to her hairstyle.


Victoria admits that she didn’t have the right hairline to create the style she wanted to go for: side bangs with a deep side parting, all swept over to one side. Now that she looks back, she says she can see that this didn’t look good at all. She doesn’t pinpoint a particular clothing style that she’d like to take back, but she does say she needed some tough love to put her off some ideas. We think it’s great that she never wore anything too revealing or risque, like most stars today.

These days, Victoria Justice is extremely confident in her style. If you’d like to steal it, then use some of the tips below!

  • Use a big barrel curling tongue to achieve loose, wavy curls. Her hair is in amazing condition, so make sure you always use a heat protectant spray first!
  • Victoria is often seen wearing fun colours and style, so get some funny t-shirts and colourful garments.
  • This lady is a huge fan of jeans, so make sure you stock up. She’s been spotted wearing skinny, ripped, and other styles in the past.
  • When it comes to shoes, she often wears suede/leather boots in a slouchy style. If she wants to look more casual, she’ll wear a pair of Converse…she likes both low and high top! I have a feeling that she uses these fashion rules when dressing, as she always looks on point!
  • Something not many people know about Victoria is that she buys vintage clothes. Search vintage stores for clothes you love that fit you well! Nobody else will have these so you’ll look unique.
  • Victoria never wears much makeup at all. She has clear skin, so apply a primer and good foundation that matches your skintone. She also wears mascara and lipgloss; sometimes, that’s it! She enhances her natural beauty with makeup rather than covering it up.
  • When she goes out, Victoria is a fan of funky dressed and playsuits. She always has fun with her outfits!

There you have it; style tips from Miss Justice herself, and some ideas on how you can get her look from us. Enjoy!

Photo credit : Wallmart/Soundcheck

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