Suri Cruise is afraid of planes

suri cruise

The little Suri Cruise doesn’t like to travel because she is afraid of planes,being at an early age.Think about how many courses does the Cruise family and they are motivated to drag Suri with them..Well she is going to be ready when being an actor like the family.

"Suri’s sleep patterns have been seriously disturbed from all the travelling. It’s why you often see her when she’s abroad being carried with a blanket as though she’s a baby. It has got to the stage where she screams whenever she sees a plane. It’s an open secret she doesn’t like flying and has trouble sleeping for days after she’s been on a flight." a source said.

Also when Tom went to film Mission Impossible 4,Suri said:

"Suri kept saying, ‘Home now, home now.’ Suri’s a homebody and she’s not afraid to let everyone know," the source said.

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